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tv   Headline News  RT  February 9, 2013 1:00am-1:28am EST

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flames of fury break out with renewed or vigor across egypt as protesters continue to vent their anger against islam this president mohamed morsi. the e.u.'s finest patch it together a new budget that's less stage assuming a more divided than before with the european parliament threatening to veto pito the entire deal. british police take to the web looking for tips on serving coffee walking a government ad full restorers who would earn more than many front line troops and offices. and with a before a new program from uprising about to market seconds of birth they activists say the only thing daily protests have achieved the harsher response from apologies.
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from wherever you are watching us all run the world that this is our duty it's good to have you company with us egypt is once again buckling amid a renewed violence which is sweeping the country thousands of people have taken to the streets to vent if syria against the ruling islamists and they kept all cairo angry call'd crowds on deal with stones and petrol bombs attacked the presidential palace but faced a tough response from the police more on this from our correspondent. there were violent scenes out front of the presidential palace two groups attempted to storm the building with mona talks. actually take asked by the security forces who also finds a rule to come into them however the clashes have really been more violence outside of the capital we've had reports also clashes with security forces and anti-government protesters in alexandria. a time to call for a shake with
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a possible death in copper cycle that yet to be confirmed as people are really feeling quite a lot to gain here in the country in two weeks on now from the anniversary of the january twenty five are going to and they said nothing has changed in the country in the last two years this is the key issues have yet to be faced by the president including police reform the shortage of bread and fuel tons of course the constitution which protesters say was drafted by an islamist dominated to secure assembly on fish curing by the president in the last week this week and all to often there was footage from across the last friday's protest from the presidential palace of a protester being trying to naked and brutally beaten and in addition there was a young protest from trying to accommodate again the who reportedly died in custody from torture people activists human rights groups have been saying this is a key grievance against him a current regime that shouldn't be happening now in
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a post revolution president the biggest opposition coalition the national salvation front for that part of sticking by their demands which is asking the cabinet to resign they want a national salvation government for the constitution to be revoked if this happens then they should be one have dialogue with the president president isn't moving on the street issues so we're looking at a divided egypt continuing in the near future. similar scenes have erupted in tunisia the birthplace of the arab spring which brought islamists typology as well clashes between engy regime protesters and police have marred the funeral of an opposition politician is murdered and led to a brand new wave of unrest. up outside the cemetery as angry mobs restrains and said cars on fire all police responded with tear gas the capital tunis has also been crippled by a national strike adding to the turmoil was according to some experts some like it's resolved in time seeing. two new cities and hearing a profound crisis
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a crisis of the credibility of the existing a new arrangements for holding and a massive discrediting of the way in which they operate i think there are signs that this could easily disintegrate into some kind of civil war going to hopefully it won't happen and we remain to watch to see how popular movements organize to prevent one of those tried to use the road to external support for example by the qatari government of the right wing fundamentalists and it remains to be seen whether with the present government will take any action against these terrorist groups. heavily armed and dangerous the next cop and decorated military man turns against the assassins police department allegedly killing three people and sparking a major manhunt after promises of more bloodshed. nobody's
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perfect budget that's how the ease new spending plan has been described after the block's leaders cobbled together the new seventy allocation the nine hundred sixty billion euro package will mark the first time that the european union budget has been cut since the blocks inception the deal was sealed after twenty five hours of intense haggling with it being compared to a bizarre leading the charge because it was britain by some northern european states they found resistance to judy's a proposal from a coalition of nations led by france was french president all and apparently refusing to even meet british prime minister david cameron but it's not a done deal yet with skeptical european parliament deputies now threatening to sink it during a verb. constitutionally they're well within their rights to reject the thing and send it back and have another go at writing this now whether they actually do that will probably depend on the fine print in the budget or already present parliament
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to said he would be able to support the steel and the heads of one of the major groups in the parliament the socialist group said there are likely to be support it so it can be a rocky ride i think this budget over the next few months cameron's right talk about this being like a reduction in a credit card limits and of course you can have your credit card limit reduced and still spend carry on spending more money now that's almost certainly what's going to happen to britain over the next few years the amounts that britain is expected to pay into the main e.u. fund will increase as a result of increased payments to the new member countries so he's going to pretend that this will show how britain can still be a force in europe how we can push the rest of europe around this glosses over the fact of course that he would have got anywhere in this without the support of the angle of merkel in particular so he can it can try to push that line that you know he knows what he's doing to europe and that we don't need to go so far as to step out of the european union but i wouldn't see the more euro skeptic members of his own party being particularly impressed by any of this. david cameron may be
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claiming victory in brussels but domestically one issue is refusing to go away the investigation into rate fixing at banks in britain is expanding with revelations over just how widespread the practice was revelations that have left are exasperated. i'm avoiding the word for today just for variety i mean if i thought the t. word is being prosecuted in this country or america i would mention if i thought they were drone sent up a strengthening of jenkins over barclays bank and exploded innocent testers and splattered on the walls i thought that would have any effect if i thought the guardian would give a flying here about their own population i would mention the word but i don't know because they don't. if you're a british soldier or police officer on the beach you may have an easier time in earn more money by serving coffee in the houses of parliament a new ad
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a recruiting barrister this is causing controversy among the public angry at the seemingly disproportionate salary arches put a boycott of the story. the house of commons is looking for someone to join their team of burma reste is to basically so hot fancy beverages to politicians now the job pays overt twenty thousand pounds per year which to put into context for our international viewers is over thirty thousand dollars per year if we compare that job to other public sector jobs we've got policeman who studies have recently been cut starting salaries they now start on nineteen thousand pounds a year similarly with soldiers who start on over seventeen just over seventeen thousand pounds per year so you've got frontline jobs that carry risks to your life the people who are detecting the safety of british citizens that are being paid less than somebody who's serving coffee to politicians one of the police federation
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representatives to twenty to ask where they could apply for such a nice restart job in parliament because it's obviously a lot safer and it's paying more than some of the frontline police officers but i spoke to the former editor of the police tribute to find out what the morale all is like among the police officers amidst these revelations well morale is already rock bottom amongst police officers doing rises because of the attacks on their pay and conditions that pensions and then they find out as you say the politicians who could like the rest of us may tune coffee themselves and let's not let's remember that the coffee they have will be heavily subsidized by us the tax payers a lot of people's wages being eyed the photos and all snatched just like the police officers we've hit the streets of london into earlier to find out whether people in london think that someone be so coffee two politicians should be making more money than a front line police officer let's take
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a look in my coffee twenty grand of commons where do i saw it i've seen soldiers get there from washington research coffee give me the most is. yeah probably no sir said drinks night again tonight is basically you can be boring because they're just being ridiculous and advertisers should be ashamed of themselves for doing so that shows just how out of touch the politicians are with the problems of ordinary brits and of course a lot of critics saying that with austerity measures read fighting for a lot of people in the u.k. and politicians have made to wear the kettle of boiling water and some instant coffee on a service and no rewards the u.k. bans its world war two veterans from receiving russian medals honoring their bravery in the act to come for say the time to award them is up. skepticism and mistrust appears prevalent in behind way with talks between the
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opposition and the government set to resume on sunday and a break in the political deadlock activists blame the authorities for gagging the voices of protests while officials as says they've made more than enough concessions archies alessio chefs to reports now on the freedom of speech or lack of in. if you look through any pro-government newspaper in bahrain you'll get an impression that the government has nothing to hide the news of an uprising of the opposition is dominating the front page and if you look through it you'll see other stories about the political discourse in the country the country's information minister insists bahrain has no problems with people speaking out heard it it that freedom of expression in our english very high because it is guaranteed by the constitution moreover there is a law to be issued soon that further guarantees yes we have a problem related to banning so much zines but that's to protect bahrain from six
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year in ethnic problems and violence only and not for any other reason. but this is what happened when we tried several opposition websites having looked through these pages later we did not notice any extremist overtones and so you see from bahrain center for human rights believes the government is deliberately attempting to silence views different to its own behind center for human rights which i work for website is a blog we have almost more than four hundred website out of block or more so the most of them are human rights. political website although of certain beheaded our block we have only facebook and twitter there are many which is not the blog sayed spoke to us on the back over two week prison term for what was called breaking the law on public gatherings several weeks later he was arrested again the editor in chief of bahrain's only independent newspaper says this is how things are in his
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country if you speak out if you express yourself you are expressing yourself at your own risks people are brave enough now to speak out but they do that and they could be punished one day you could be put in jail you could end up like a builder job three years because if you tweeted something. social networking came of age during the uprisings of recent years a fact not lost on bahrain's leaders who have watched almost daily street protests and an unusual drop in web traffic through the country picked up by an american internet mourning tour leaves human rights activists here wondering exactly who the constitutional right to expression really applies to alexi russia of ski r.t. reporting from the kingdom of bahrain also disagreements between russia and kazakstan might see a leg injury caused that witness that the first person flying into space falling
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into obscurity on that out of the shop.
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thank. you watching our team the los angeles police department has launched the largest ever manhunt off to a former officer turned against them the search for christopher adama suspected of killing three people spread history u.s. states and northern mexico thousands of police officers involved in the operation as donna is believed to be well trained and heavily armed but of a lot on facebook he posted a manifesto dictionary war on the l.a.p.d. some forty people on his hit list also accusing the department of quote internal corruption racism and on seal meant of excessive force and quote michel roux put
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investigative journalist and a former l.a.p.d. officer himself. says there are many skeletons in the alley he's causing. i don't condone what's happened and i want to violence and killing to end but more important i want him to be brought in alive which is something i do not think that l.a.p.d. law enforcement or the u.s. government wants under any circumstances with regard to his specific allegations about his case and i'm currently reviewing legal documents that are becoming available online i have to tell you that with regard to his allegations about a rich trial board hearings and very egregious unprofessional coverup excessive force but also management mouth mouth these things perjury and a lot of other serious things i believe in one hundred percent the l.a.p.d. has been shown has a consistent cultural problem with racism cover up and cronyism within the
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department that has victimized i think and probably driven out a great many good officers i left for similar reasons it appears a medal is too much to ask for code into the u.k. which is refusing its veterans a russian on its moscow ones to reward british troops for bravery in world war two you specifically say listen got it critical convoys that supply the u.s. a sop but as our g.'s in we have done is going pull it so that's not something london is willing to allow. imagine doing a service to a foreign country during a time of war risking your life going through unimaginable hardships all in the name of helping you know like you imagine that country wanting to reward you with a medal of honor and then imagine your own government refused to allow you to accept that medal for rather ambiguous reasons that's precisely what's happening to several hundred veterans in the u.k. the russian government wanted to award them the medal for their service in the
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arctic convoy during world war two but the foreign and commonwealth office has refused the request saying that they appreciate the move from moscow but they simply cannot be granted because current rules dictates foreign medals can only be accepted within five years of the events occurring but the british government is promising to soon create a medal to honor u.k. troops who participated in the arctic convoys now the convoys delivered thousands of anti tank guns and fighter planes to the u.s.s.r. between one hundred forty one in one thousand nine hundred five the road to went from north america iceland and the u.k. it's may look simple enough on the map but it was anything but that the conway's were constantly attacked by german u. boats ships and planes and when in humans of one of the problems the convoys often fell victim to the horrendous storms in the icy cold waters of the arctic that was some seventy years ago and many of the veterans feel they may not live to see the
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day the u.k. very wards them with its old version of the nettled and for some there is a feeling of bitterness feeling they are being refused a medal that they truly deserve or tycho wife not just from a bold mothership might post a present. to may. also we were what we did we're made to do we went to do job. another think that. was always on russian convoys i know another. guy on the group geo you know mother ship might know all there was a governmental has been created to reward those fighting at sea for bravery it's one of the highest military decoration in russia its importance as such but it has been retained from the soviet union era because of the madly two defeats it was awarded for so there are shoes a will to let a foreign government honor their service in the greatest war of modern history makes veterans wonder what's behind the reason if it had been america go for this
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medal which are not served on the american idol when i was in shanghai and china cities but. how many sorry they were to offer me a medal what would be to their written the government's response to the. for their parts many british veterans such as john c. opening receptive to the idea of a medal coming from russia while the owner did yes just to have possession and so i have a few years ago left if a few years. and it down to meet killed me grant you i mean surprise possession to may just not only beddoes but it's coming from russia had been there this will be extra special but unfortunately in their decision making process it appears the u.k. government did not consider the feelings of its country's veterans. as
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members of a radical feminist group get so i mean a kid in berlin do you think women should get topless to fight for cause. would you do it well maybe were america. do you think french girls would do it more often than american girls i think so. in the resident of this week laurie huff and this asked whether women should get make it to attract one attention. a massive police raid in russia's second largest city of st petersburg has uncovered an alleged extremist group of almost three hundred people members have been arrested suspected of planning for terrorist acts and inciting hatred according to russian special forces islamic leaders have been arriving to simply just work in recent years to give lectures and spread extremist literature one of these lectures is among the detainees social network pages found to contain videos
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of terrorist acts and addresses of extremist leaders are from the north caucasus and the middle east. it could be the end of an era for legendary cosmodrome that saw the first men blasting off into space political differences between russia and kazakstan have led the rumors that us to now might stop renting by canoe to moscow artist on barton has a story. they call him the first the shooter anatoly is worked at baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan for fifty years he's the man who say's blastoff. but now he's worried about political meddling in the spaceports future and we're living a normal life here so i believe they shouldn't try to fix something that's not broken since the end of the soviet union russia has rented baikonur from kazakhstan but recently the head of the space agency annoyed by
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a lack of progress on the joint rocket. project called for a halt to some of the launches allowed that. deep the number of heavy proton hits a. teen has dropped from seventeen to twelve it's prompted behind the scenes wrangling moscow demanding reimbursement expensive long to last when those demands were leaked though both sides rushed to state there was no problem. there is no scandal no sensation there's no divorce between cause expansion and russia on the subject of the baikonur cosmodrome however as russia's foreign minister pointed out there is a question mark over baikonur. it was easy to address the issues as long as they arise that also refers to the questions arising about the number of launches this was the place from where yuri gagarin became the first man in space until now both russia and kazakhstan both have an interest and continued launches from baikonur
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but with russia building a new cosmodrome far east that situation won't last for ever. rising out of the center of the vast because x. step by can always always been a strange place whether our gate to the stars remains here or not it will always be from here that humankind first reached the cosmos. the radical feminist group a man again and this time they've gone topless in film festival to protest against female circumcision the demonstrators don't isn't there is still being felt by simply because touching a lot of attention along the way so if you've got it she just wanted for a close residency or enough miss hit the streets of new york to find out what you think.
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in new york city it's legal for ladies to protest topless so where are the boobies this week let's talk about that that part of the body even though it's legal it's still private to them but don't you think that would draw a lot of attention to their cause yeah but then again you know the tracks are all growed sometimes to what it attracts you dare. i would want to say would you ever consider protesting topless for a reason yeah what would be the reason. you would go topless for that yet would you do it well maybe you are not thirty but do you think french girls would do it more often than american girls i think so why is that what's wrong with a kind of crazy it would be a way to get he was attention but i personally wouldn't do it maybe someone knows
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and i mean do you think that it would be little a cause or help because. i don't know if we'll do it much it's will bring more awareness i guess people will look so isn't that what protesting is all about. let them out ladies the bottom line is going topless is a sure fire way to bring attention to your cause so ladies you might want to consider that the next time you suit up for your big rally. coming up in a couple of minutes it's a breaking the sags with. a nod to. saudi
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arabia has ordered its retailers to construct one point six metre tall barriers in the middle of their stores a rather unusual demand is that something related to everyone's favorite buzzword terrorism no it is to keep male and female coworkers separate saudi arabia is pretty infamous in the west for its laws regarding the sexes and their segregation activists always want to go to other countries to convince them to adopt western attitudes that deep down in their hearts they secretly want but often they miss things like the fact that it was saudi women who ask for the segregation feeling uncomfortable while buying products from men according to a.f.p. you know some people in countries like saudi arabia or north korea might actually like living a radically different lifestyle and even if they don't like living that way well it is their job to fix it not by some sort of western intervention.


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